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You can find this childcare in Thornton and that childcare in Thornton but we are a top-rated childcare in Thornton.    School should be a learning adventure and our Christian school in Thornton is a learning adventure. Visit our Christian school in Thornton to see how we create this learning adventure for an infant, preschool, kindergarten, or summer camp kid.    A Child's Touch Christian School is a top-rated school in Thornton that teaches Christian principles to these infant, preschool, and kindergarten children; we even have a summer camp.    Summer camp at A Child's Touch is an adventure for your school age child with long-term teachers who provide fun and unique programs that children love in an accredited daycare.    Want a great child day care in Thornton? Then come to our great child day care in Thornton!    We offer a Christian school in Thornton; our Christian school in Thornton offers care for your infant, preschool, kindergarten, or summer camp child.    A Child's Touch is a Christian state licensed accredited school in Thornton Colorado providing quality care for children ages infants through kindergarten with unique nature playgrounds.    Looking for a great child day care for your infant, preschool, or kindergarten kid in Thornton, then look at our Christian child day care in Thornton.    A Child's Touch Christian Child care center in Thornton Colorado has longevity and adventure as long-term teachers create classrooms for preschool children filled with activities nurturing social and emotional learning.   

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Kindergarten is meant to be a time of exploration and learning within a comfortable, loving, and positive environment. “A Child’s Touch…” kindergarten program offers a student the chance to be hands-on and active as they explore the reality of the world around them through activities and opportunities that reach the individual child’s interests and developmental level.

This is a critical foundational year that equips a child with important skills for the future. We stress learning through fun. Children should be allowed to explore, question, and analyze in the pursuit of knowledge. While our methods are exciting and innovative, the results speak for themselves as graduates of the program emerge with strong academic skills and a confidence in their abilities.

Our highly-emphasized reading program makes the learning of phoneme awareness, blending, segmentation, and phonetics memorable and familiar so that students can further their reading abilities. A majority of our children come out of the class reading at a first to second grade level, but much more importantly, they emerge with a love of reading that can last a lifetime.

In addition to the outstanding reading program, we also have a strong math program that uses multiple approaches to make numbers, sequencing, identification, counting, comparisons, estimates, addition, subtraction, and other numerical relationships concrete and comprehendible to a kindergartener. We work to help children understand these abstract mathematical ideas and relate them to the real world in order to instill in them that mathematics is a fun, friendly, understandable concept.

Focus is also put on money, concepts of time, the process of scientific inquiry, getting along with others, instilling responsibility, and gathering basic skills. This is done through multiple units that completely change the environment of the room and allow them to learn through investigation. These units include Safety, Nutrition, Art, Space, Spanish, Ocean, and Dinosaurs. We also have a weekly Spanish class where the students learn the basics of the language and work to speak some conversational Spanish.

There are daily emails that allow the parents to know about their child’s day so that they can ask informed questions and be a part of the kindergarten experience. However, the most important thing we do in the classroom is meet the children’s spiritual needs. We work to make God a real part of each and every day through reciting memory verses, daily prayer, and exciting devotional activities.

The school year culminates with a full cap and gown ceremony that celebrates the students and all they have learned and accomplished. We want kindergarten to be a time of wonder that inspires and encourages children as they acquire new information and skills. Our goal is to collaborate with parents in order to create a one-of-a-kind experience for a child that fosters their sense of discovery as they explore the world and how it works.

We invite you to come visit our classroom, and check out the amazing things that our students are doing. There is always something exciting and fun going on in Kindergarten!

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