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Parent Testimonials

Jeff and I have been delighted with the progress Braden has made throughout this past school year while in the Kindergarten class at ACT. He has progressed tremendously in all academic areas and loves learning about new things. It seems that every month, he comes home with a new passion depending on the subject matter, so keeping his interest in learning and exploring new ideas at home has been easy.

The best part about this first year is how his teacher's and staff helped him transition from the boy that couldn't hear into a boy that loves school. We will forever be thankful that his teacher suggested that we take him to get his hearing tested, where we found out he had enough hearing loss to need hearing aids. The teachers were very supportive of the entire process and worked with Braden to help him learn as much as he could when his hearing was poor and helped him to flourish after he received his hearing aids. They also created a supportive environment in the classroom where Braden was completely accepted by his classmates.

There are also several special events for the kids scattered throughout the school year that the kids and family members really enjoy. Some of the highlights for the kids are Daddy Boot Camp, the Grandparents Luau, filming and then viewing "The Passion of the Kindergarten", and Mother's Day Tea.

The outcomes for Braden's Kindergarten year are well beyond my expectations and I am looking forward to enrolling my 2 youngest children into Kindergarten at ACT when the time comes.

- Jeff & Julie T.

“To our ACT family,

We can't begin to thank all of you for your loving care of Olivia and Grant these last few years. We have been truly blessed by all of your and your vision of taking care of our kids."

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- Scott.


Thank you so so much for helping us foster Alejandro's and Camila's uniqueness, passion, skills in friendship, and helping them meet so many of their life milestones. You will be missed. Thank you!"

“Hi Reta,

I just had to drop you a note to say how great your staff is in the Pre-Primary classroom. Lana and this other gal with dark hair (I’m sorry, can’t remember her name!) are so wonderful with him.

I went to pick up Chase yesterday, and noticed him playing with an old Kleenex box that had been decorated with different texture items around the outside of the box and then those same items are inside the box (hard, soft, fuzzy, smooth, etc.) – he LOVES it. This was not something I asked them to do or even knew about until I saw him playing with it. I was so impressed that they had just made a toy that would be helpful and educational for him on their own.

Their creativity and willingness to do extra little developmental things like that for Chase is so admired and appreciated! It proves to me yet again, how fantastic ACT is and how glad we are that we enrolled Chase one year ago. Please pass along my compliments.


- Tami N.

“Dear Reta and ACT Staff –

I have been meaning to write this letter for some time now. This letter comes at a very bittersweet time for me because this was Farah’s last year at ACT, as she is now attending Kindergarten at a different school. It has been a hard transition for both she and I, as ACT has been a place of safety and comfort for her for the past two years now.

When I first visited ACT my life was in shambles. At the time, I was going through a divorce and I was a stay at home of two precious little girls and had been for the past 6 years. I had just moved from Littleton to Thornton and I was about to begin my full time job outside the home for the first time in years. I didn’t know very many people, so I had very few resources for reliable daycare options. An old friend told me about ACT and she insisted it was the best! Since I had never had to place my children in daycare before I was very hesitant and scared. My fears were too many to count! Would Farah be safe? Would Farah be happy? Would Farah be loved and hugged and given lots of individual attention? Certainly no one could live up to the expectations I had for my girls. I had convinced myself that I would be surely disappointed even before my arrival.

However, I could not have been more wrong. You see…I had been praying for the perfect place for Farah for days. I asked God to point me in the right direction and send me someone, someplace that would be perfect for her…and He did. After meeting with Reta and taking a tour with Mike, I left ACT that day in tears because I knew my prayer had been answered. ACT was the perfect place and I felt it in my bones right away.

Since 2009, my girls Fiona and Farah have been attending ACT and they love it! The staff is AMAZING! They know me; they know my girls and they greet us by name every day. I know that when I leave them, they are safe and loved. ACT has been such a blessing in our lives. The peace that you provide for a working Mother when she leaves her child for the day, is priceless. I never worried. I never wondered. I never doubted. I can’t thank you enough for this.

On the girls last day at ACT this year I so badly wanted to come into the office to officially say good bye to Reta, Derek and the other ladies. Forgive me, but I just couldn’t. I didn’t want to cry. I didn’t want my girls to see me cry. I would have broken down. So I hope you feel my hug thru this letter. Thank you for doing God’s work by caring for his precious gifts…my precious children.

“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” – Matthew 19:14


- Lilian

“Dear Mike & Debi,

Thank you for giving our daughter a great start spiritually and academically! We’ll never forget the years we spent at A.C.T. and all the love and support we felt there (even as parents)! God bless and keep turning out great kids.”

(Adrienne graduated from our Kindergarten program 12 years ago. This is from her parents with her high school graduation announcement!)

- Eric & Merri.

“Thanks for all the help with our kids over all the years, without your help and your guiding light of God’s love over the years our kids would not be who they are today. Reta and Mike, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and Debi your wonderful work!”

- Cheers!

"Thank you to ALL of the warm and wonderful staff members at A Child’s Touch! You have been such an awesome influence on my kiddos! They were both happy and comfortable with all of their teachers. Now, after seeing more centers out there, it just confirms our original feeling about this facility! There is nothing else out there that holds a candle to you guys!"

- The Smith Family!

We have been very pleased with the social and academic growth that our son has made while at A Child's Touch. He entered Kindergarten with reading and math skills and the teachers worked with him to quickly move him to books that were geared towards his reading level rather than have him go along with the class.

He was also given a chance to improve his math skills once he completed the current lesson. They encouraged him to become social with his peers and come out of his shell with various fun and education projects. A Child's Touch is constantly planning lessons and activities to stimulate his intellect, his moral compass and his social skills. The lessons and activities also encourage a love of learning that is hard to find anywhere else. The all day structure makes working easier knowing that there is no transfer to another location for the afternoon and the care is excellent and educational.

- Hillegos.

“Dear Ashriel,

I just want to say THANK YOU to you, your family, & the entire staff at “A Child’s Touch” for the excellent beginning you gave my granddaughter, Madison in Religion, Safety, Art, Reading, Spelling, Arithmetic, Science, Ocean Life, & the Dinosaurs.

She loved going to school there & you kept a very safe environment for her to learn & play in. The Passion Play that you orchestrated with the children was, I know, a great deal of work for the teachers, however, it will be a very special remembrance for the children & for all of us who will remind our children from time to time, of what Jesus did for us.

The “A Child’s Touch” graduation ceremony was awesome! I told Madison it was the most special one I had ever been to! The memory work for the children was unbelievable!! & so well done!! – the singing, memory verses, sign language & knowing when to step up and speak – great! The slide show was so well done & enjoyed by all of us!

THANK YOU one and all, for making so wonderful an impression on all of us; but, especially, Madison.

Madison wants to come back to “A Child’s Touch” & say hello & I told her I would arrange that for her with you, Ashriel.

Madison is currently attending First Grade at Glacier Peak Elementary School in Thornton; & is glad to be back in school & learning once again!


- Linda

“I would just like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for your outstanding staff in the 2 year-old classroom. We enrolled our son, Chase just last month (March 2011). He has been attending the 2 year-old classroom for approximately 6 weeks now and we are thrilled with everything about your facility and program.

Chase is a special needs child; he is language-delayed and is Autistic. He receives early intervention services three times per week. The reason we moved him from his previous daycare is because they either did not have the time or were not willing to give Chase the extra help he needs to fit in with his peers and work with his therapists on his developmental goals. We were not sure that A Child's Touch would be able to help him much either, but we were willing to see what would happen by moving him.

We had always heard that A Child's Touch was a great place, but we had no idea just how fantastic it is! We can not express enough how delighted we are with your staff. Chase has thrived in his new classroom! We have heard countless times from all 3 therapits how wonderful his teachers are and how willing they are to help Chase; the therapists were especially surprised that your staff approached them asking how they could help him. The teachers were immediately warm, loving and accepting of Chase and he is so happy and excited to go to daycare everyday - what a difference! We have felt so relieved and encouraged that now with his teachers, therapists and parents' help, he can truly reach his potential.

Please give your 2 year-old classroom teachers kudos from us on a job very well done and keep up the good work!

Many Thanks,

- Tami & Justin.

“We've been taking our children there for just over 6 years now and am still amazed at all that they do for the kids. My son started in the toddler room and went there through kindergarten and my daughter started as an infant (3-months) and is still currently there in the pre-K classroom. We will have her go through kindergarten as their program is PHENOMENAL.

From the beginning, I was very impressed with the infant room as I loved the care that each and every woman provided for my daughter when she was a baby. It was always extremely clean and really liked how they put thought into installing infloor heating so the babies would never be cold. I never had a concern about the patience, care and experience by the teachers in the room. As the children get a bit older (1 and 2), I really liked the philosophy of the playtime (both inside and outside). I didn't realize how important it was to separate out the play areas so that the younger kiddos could still have their 'own' play area and not worry about getting trampled... and vice cersa. Potty training... a challenging stage in life... both our kids were always treated with such patience through that stage which attributed to their success. The education that the kids receive as well at each age is so carefully planned out and our children just thrived (and continue to thrive) in their learning environment.

The three year old class had appropriate activities that kept their busy little minds and energetic bodies always entertrained... not an easy task. My experience with the pre-K classroom (which my daughter is in now) is still a wonderful program as it was with my son. She has learned all of her letters, knows how to write and spell her name, spells other words and her vocabulary has exploded.

The kindergarten program is soemthing that I continue to brag about. I do admit that I had doubts about making statements about the level of reading that the kids came out of knowing... but its all true. My son started in kindergarten not reading much to ending the school year reading books with paragraphs at a 1st and 2nd grade level reading. He continues to love reading to this day.

There were times that I had concerns about some teachers and those concerns were always addressed immediately with open communication by the staff. I never felt uncomfortable about asking about things that I might have seen as issues.

The Christian influence was also very important to us and its wonderful to take your children to a place where God is openly talked about as well as the holidays are celebrated and embraced. The other item that I noticed is that they care for their staff and teachers. This was important to me as happy teachers make happy care-givers. The end result are teachers who have that much more patience with our kids and WANT to be there... again, a critical benefit for us parents.

I hope that you have checked out other schools in addition to ACT. One thing you'll notice if you haven't already is that no other care center has the play areas and acreage like ACT. They continue to add new additions to their play areas all the time - its constantly evolving... and its ALL for our children.


- Miller.

“To Whom it may concern,

I have twin boys that have attended the ACT program since they were in Pre-K. We had planned on going to public school for kindergarten, but after seeing the strides they were making compared to their peers, we decided to attend the Kindergarten offered by ACT, and I'm glad we did!

They are now reading and writing at an impressive level, and the passion and devotion of the teachers are second to none. We also enjoy the activities and programs as do our boys and other family members. ACT has given us great memories and given our boys a real foothold on schooling and a headstart to their journey ahead, and for this, I am very thankful!!!

- Chad H.

“Dear ACT Friends:

It is bittersweet that we give notice that Addison and Ethan will no longer be attending ACT. While we are really excited to move into a new home with room to grow and new community with great schools for the kids, we are very sad to leave ACT."

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- Cathleen & Kraig Corbin.


Mixed emotions today... Sad to leave ya' all, but excited for Jacobs new adventure! Because of you we are very excited for 1st grade! Thank you for everything and for all the beautiful and wonderful memories! With love and friendship,"

- Chad, Danella, & Jacob

Simply put, there is no comparison to what A Child’s Touch (ACT) provides for my two children. The love, support and dedication of the teachers and staff is unparalleled. The learning environment provides fun play, structured education and lots of hands on learning that keep my children stimulated all day! That’s why making the 45 minute drive each day to and from ACT, is worth every second! I can’t imagine my children thriving at any other center as much as they do at ACT. It was a true blessing when we entered ACT four years ago and I feel so privileged and honored for our family to be part of the ACT family!"

- Kate


A Child’s Touch is a phenomenal preschool and educational facility. Their dedicated staff and excellent teachers are committed, engaged and patient. Our children have excelled at ACT and love to go to school everyday. Jackson is reading above grade level as a first grader, and Gabbie and Emma sing a multitude of songs that give thanks to the Lord for all they have. Jackson describes ACT as “fun and encourages creativity.” Despite the daily drive on I-25 from Erie to Thornton, it is worth every minute of it, because our children reap the benefits. There are other facilities and day care centers closer to home, but none compare to ACT. We are blessed to entrust such fabulous people with the care of our children when we cannot be with them. We don’t believe our children would be as well cared for and enjoy their time away from us at any other facility. We highly recommend A Child’s Touch!”

- Rich & Amanda

“Words cannot express our gratitude for the loving care you have provided both of our children over the past 6 years. Choosing a school for our children to grow up in was a huge and scary decision, and we are so very happy that we obviously made the correct decision to come to A Child’s Touch.

There has never been a day that we were not confident when we dropped off our girls in your care that they would come out with anything but positive experiences. The trust that we put in your school and the care and love that you put into our children's lives cannot be described in words. We can only say that everyone at A Child's Touch deserves more credit and thanks than we can express and that you truly have such an exceptional school and staff. Thank you so much for blesing our children with love, respect, guidance and wisdom and teaching them how to make good decisions and to share in the love of God. We are going to miss all of you!!!


- Tim, Jen, Kira & Kelsey K.

“When I began thinking about my return to work I panicked at the thought of childcare. I scoured my community resources for options. I ruled out nannies and in-home childcare for a safety reasons. I specifically wanted and looked for safety, a solid curriculum, and qualified childcare providers with on-going professional development. After copious hours of research, tours and conversations, with such confident comfort I chose A Child's Touch.

My first impressions sold me on A Child's Touch. The staff alone is what sets ACT apart from other daycare centers and providers. I couldn't find any other center that has staff with the length of employment as do the employees at A Child's Touch. As well, ACT is a safe, secure environment with a solid, developmentally appropriate curriculum that is supported by their facilities.

Within months of having my child at ACT, I have fallen in love and can proudly define for you why it is truly an exceptional daycare center. Again, the staff at ACT is what sets them apart from good daycare. The staff brings a wealth of experience, a deep knowledge of child development and history of serving children and the community. We have truly partnered through such milestones as baby food, bottle weaning, transitioning to a new room and other things as they come up. I am supported along the way as if by own sisters or mother. Not only is my child in great hands, so is my family.

Because of surgical procedure my child was scheduled to undergo, I pulled her from daycare as a temporary solution that allowed her to get healthy and stay healthy for six weeks prior to her procedure. (Nearly impossible feat for an infant!) ACT staff worked with me to make this possible. Throughout the grueling experience they checked in, and checked up, on us. It was through this experience I witnessed the genuine care, concern and love from what I thought were merely acquaintances. on what was my child's last day before her leave of absense one of the staff persons, who cared for her at the time, bent down touched forehead to forehead and whispered a parting message. The moment we pulled away I began weeping. My child is truly loved by others as much as my husband and I love her. I know now that whatever happens, I can count on ACT to be with us.

- Karen Z.

“A.C.T. Family,

It is hard to say good bye after 4 years of seeing you all every week. You have touched our family and brought education to our children in the form of having fun. You all offer a fabulous school and extended family.

Thank you.”

- Love, The Varneys.

Student Testimonials

It's not about the destinatiion but about the journey. A Child's Touch was the beginning of my journey and it has gotten me to many destinations. I have learned so many things from A Child's Touch and I wouldn't be who I am today without all the things this school has offered me. Some things I can think of are my blackbelt, my academics, and my ability to interact with others."

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- Joelle Westcott.


After going to ACT for as long as I have it feels like a second home. I can go there and not worry about anything. They've taught me so much. To respect my-self and others. Even though I'm 13 I love going back there. Their summer program has been my favorite part. I have made so many friends who are so close to me. The teachers are so amazing, creastive and fun. I wish I could always go there. Honestly ACT has changed my life and helped me build a better relationship with the Lord. ACT has made a huge impact on my family and I and I can't thank them enough."

- Amy (13 years old)

Kindergarten Reviews

“Ashriel and Staff,

I'm compelled to write a brief recommendation for A Child's Touch, especially the premier Kindergarten program. I pray this unsolicited endorsement will reward whomever reads it."

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- Mark Fancher.

“Dear Kindergarten Staff,

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank each of you personally for all you have done for Nadiya this past year, we couldn’t have had a successful Kindergarten year without you three amazing women!

Miss Ashley – You have been such a wonderful asset to Nadiya’s class this past year and she just adores you! She has told us on several occasions how much she likes you and how nice you are and of course how much she loves your hair! Thank you for always greeting us every morning with a smile and kind words; it means more to us than you know!

Miss Melissa – Your chipper personality is very contagious! You have been with Nadiya off and on throughout her time at ACT and for that we are very grateful. You have so much patience and such a great attitude that it really rubs off on the kids! Thank you for all you have done for Nadiya, we appreciate it!

Miss Ashriel – Well, what can I say, you are the backbone of the Kindergarten class! We have witnessed your undying devotion to these children and your love of teaching. You crack us up withyour silliness, your jokes & smile! Nadiya comes home almost every day telling us what crazy funny thing you have said to her and she gets those belly laughs that make us smile from ear to ear! You have taught our daughter so many amazing things & we are so proud of how far she has come this last year. We are so excited to see what the next school year brings, but also a little sad that her time at ACT has come to an end. We asked her last night what her favorite thing about Kindergarten was & she said “Two things mama, Miss Ashriel & being the VIP!” I think that pretty much sums up her year! Thank you again Miss Ashriel, you have truly made a difference in our daughter’s life!!!"

- Cheers!