Learning School Skills and Life Skills Now

Your Child Gains All The Tools They Need For Kindergarten

cute little girl watering flowers in the garden at a preschool & Daycare Childcare Center serving Thornton, CO

Learning School Skills and Life Skills Now

Your Child Gains All The Tools They Need For Kindergarten

pre-Kindergarten | 4-5 years | Serving Thornton, CO

Your Child Will Always Find Excitement And Fun Outdoors

Painting by a waterfall, tending to vegetables in a garden, and splashing around in our many water-play areas are all different ways your child can learn creativity, math, science, and social skills. It would be hard not to fall in love with learning when you have this much fun!

The Safety Of Your Child Is Always On Our Minds

We built our school with the safety of your child as a priority, so you don’t have to worry while you are at work. Security cameras monitor every corner of our property. The acre and a quarter of play spaces are enclosed by an 8-foot privacy fence. Fingerprint or ID code are required to get through our camera monitored airlocks.
children sitting outside at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Thornton, CO

Getting ready to enter the world of kindergarten

The teachers in our pre-k classrooms work hard to bring fun, hands-on activities to life with enthusiasm, energy, and love. The students are observed and cared for as individuals so that the teachers can better understand what each one of them needs to flourish and succeed.

Trusted By Our Community since 1977

Many families have entrusted us with their children and continue to do so, as we see the babies of our former students come under our care as well. We hope to continue to serve the families of Thornton in the spirit of Christ for a long time to come.

Cultivating Spirituality In A Christ-Centered Environment

We give thanks to the Lord every morning and before our meals. Children practice monthly Bible verses and go through a fun-soaked, chronological devotion curriculum that brings God truths to life through meaningful, exciting activities. Children learn about and appreciate the Bible through songs, stories, and dramatic play so that they can experience a positive love-filled early learning environment.

School Skills and Dynamic Theme-Based Learning

Pre-K kids will learn precursors to reading in preparation for ACT’s dynamic phonics-based Kindergarten reading program, as well as math concepts like numbers and geometry. Each month, the classroom will introduce a new theme, such as Community Helpers, Authors, Arctic, and Multi-Cultural Units. The classroom offers immersive learning as the room itself, and the play centers in the room, are decorated for the new theme each month to promote hands-on learning and the exploration of the world around us. As in everything we do with our students, learning is fun, and your child is given the space and comfort to learn at their own pace. Our amazing, creative pre-k teachers go above and beyond to help your child excel from where they are academically, spiritually, socially, and emotionally as an individual and this instills a sense of confidence in the children at an early age. We are proud of the fact that we often exceed the Colorado Content Standards for pre-k, which are then taken to a higher achievement level in our Kindergarten Program.

Mastering Life Skills for More Autonomy

Washing hands at appropriate times, serving food to themselves and others, and getting dressed are practical skills reinforced in the pre-k classroom. The more intangible concepts, like time management, personal and classroom responsibilities, and self-regulation, are introduced and practiced throughout the year. Because our pre-k teachers praise the method, and the learning itself of these concepts of independence, children learn what is important, that trying and effort are what create achievements.

Learning isn’t limited to the classroom

Whether kids are outside in our expansive Outdoor Classrooms or indoors at our Interactive Log Cabins and On-Site Children’s Museum, kids get their hands and minds busy with sensory and interactive play. With many areas to choose from, your child will have much to explore.

Every Opportunity For Fun Is An Opportunity For Learning

Our Pre-K teachers have brought learning to life and when you see their classrooms in action, you will hear squeals of excitement, loud laughs, and happy giggles. Through puppetry, role-play, interactive songs, yoga, games, and understandable routines and expectations, our teachers have created a classroom that is loving and fun! This fun is the foundation of children’s health and development. These creative teachers never stop looking for opportunities to bring fun and play into the program in unique ways as these creative learning experiences enrich your little learner’s brains, bodies, and lives in so many ways!

Lil' Extras To Tap Talent And Learn New Skills

Lil’ Extras are specialized learning time blocks where a child has the opportunity to spend time each week to concentrate on one special activity, for a nominal fee. Our pre-k kids are invited to participate in fun, themed activities such as:

Lil' Chefs

For each session, Lil’ Chefs will head over to the separate Kid’s Kitchen each week to follow a recipe, learn simple cooking techniques, and sample their creations.

Lil’ Kickers

Students use our large soccerfield and vast concrete play space to learn basic sports concepts by playing fun and silly games with their friends that teach foundational skills.

Field Trips For Extra Added Variety And Excitement

In keeping with our monthly themes and making sure the kids are always learning through fun experiences, pre-k kids get to visit some memorable places like Anderson Farm, the Fire Fighter Museum, and Hammond’s Candy Factory. As a bonus, the children will get the opportunity to ride our big yellow bus (our 65 passenger school bus with seat belts) on their way to exciting attractions!
children sitting on pumpkins outside a farm at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Thornton, CO

Parents Get to Play Too

Families are an active part of the ACT Pre-K Community! Whether they are joining their child in the Kid’s Kitchen for Tasty Thursdays or reading a book to the classroom, they are always welcome to be a part of these special programs. The Christmas season brings a very special family event by way of our annual hour-long Pre-K Christmas Program at Thrive Church. Round out your special year by participating in the Pre-K field day with your child.

Healthy Food Options Mean Healthier Eating For Life

Our in-house kitchen staff carefully plans our school menu according to the USDA CACFP meal patterns to give your child the nutrition they need to play and learn all day long. Lunches are catered by a professional chef, who uses his culinary skills and knowledge to introduce a variety of wholesome, healthy, and tasty ingredients to our students in a kid-friendly way.
laughing girl eating in class at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Thornton, CO

Brightwheel and Report Cards keeps you up-to-date on your child’s progress

Each week the teachers use Brightwheel to send home information, photos, or videos highlighting fun activities in the classroom. You can keep informed and find valuable information on the Brightwheel posts so you can have meaningful conversations with your child about their day. Informal and formal evaluations are also conducted throughout the year to assess your child’s developmental progression and bi-annual meetings with families assist with working together as a team to help foster your child’s development.

parent reviews

Simply put, there is no comparison to what A Child’s Touch (ACT) provides for my two children. The love, support and dedication of the teachers and staff is unparalleled. The learning environment provides fun play, structured education and lots of hands on learning that keep my children stimulated all day! That’s why making the 45 minute drive each day to and from ACT, is worth every second! I can’t imagine my children thriving at any other center as much as they do at ACT. It was a true blessing when we entered ACT four years ago and I feel so privileged and honored for our family to be part of the ACT family!


A Child’s Touch is a phenomenal preschool and educational facility. Their dedicated staff and excellent teachers are committed, engaged and patient. Our children have excelled at ACT and love to go to school everyday. Jackson is reading above grade level as a first grader, and Gabbie and Emma sing a multitude of songs that give thanks to the Lord for all they have. Jackson describes ACT as “fun and encourages creativity.” Despite the daily drive on I-25 from Erie to Thornton, it is worth every minute of it, because our children reap the benefits. There are other facilities and day care centers closer to home, but none compare to ACT. We are blessed to entrust such fabulous people with the care of our children when we cannot be with them. We don’t believe our children would be as well cared for and enjoy their time away from us at any other facility. We highly recommend A Child’s Touch!

Rich & Amanda

Words cannot express our gratitude for the loving care you have provided both of our children over the past 6 years. Choosing a school for our children to grow up in was a huge and scary decision, and we are so very happy that we obviously made the correct decision to come to A Child’s Touch. There has never been a day that we were not confident when we dropped off our girls in your care that they would come out with anything but positive experiences. The trust that we put in your school and the care and love that you put into our children's lives cannot be described in words. We can only say that everyone at A Child's Touch deserves more credit and thanks than we can express and that you truly have such an exceptional school and staff. Thank you so much for blessing our children with love, respect, guidance and wisdom and teaching them how to make good decisions and to share in the love of God. We are going to miss all of you!!

Tim, Jen, Kira, Kelsey K.

We've been taking our children there for just over 6 years now and am still amazed at all that they do for the kids. My son started in the toddler room and went there through kindergarten and my daughter started as an infant (3-months) and is still currently there in the pre-K classroom. We will have her go through kindergarten as their program is PHENOMENAL.  From the beginning, I was very impressed with the infant room as I loved the care that each and every woman provided for my daughter when she was a baby. It was always extremely clean and really liked how they put thought into installing in floor heating so the babies would never be cold. I never had a concern about the patience, care and experience by the teachers in the room. As the children get a bit older (1 and 2), I really liked the philosophy of the playtime (both inside and outside). I didn't realize how important it was to separate out the play areas so that the younger kiddos could still have their own' play area and not worry about getting trampled... and vice versa. Potty training... a challenging stage in life... both our kids were always treated with such patience through that stage which, attributed to their success. The education that the kids receive as well at each age is so carefully planned out and our children just thrived (and continue to thrive) in their learning environment.


I have twin boys that have attended the ACT program since they were in Pre-K. We had planned on going to public school for kindergarten, but after seeing the strides they were making compared to their peers, we decided to attend the Kindergarten offered by ACT, and I'm glad we did! They are now reading and writing at an impressive level, and the passion and devotion of the teachers are second to none. We also enjoy the activities and programs as do our boys and other family members. ACT has given us great memories and given our boys a real foothold on schooling and a head start to their journey ahead, and for this, I am very thankful!

Chad H.

We have been very pleased with the social and academic growth that our son has made while at A Child's Touch. He entered Kindergarten with reading and math skills and the teachers worked with him to quickly move him to books that were geared towards his reading level rather than have him go along with the class. He was also given a chance to improve his math skills once he completed the current lesson. They encouraged him to become social with his peers and come out of his shell with various fun and education projects. A Child's Touch is constantly planning lessons and activities to stimulate his intellect, his moral compass and his social skills. The lessons and activities also encourage a love of learning that is hard to find anywhere else. The all day structure makes working easier knowing that there is no transfer to another location for the afternoon and the care is excellent and educational.


I just want to say THANK YOU to you, your family, & the entire staff at “A Child’s Touch” for the excellent beginning you gave my granddaughter, Madison in Religion, Safety, Art, Reading, Spelling, Arithmetic, Science, Ocean Life, & the Dinosaurs. She loved going to school there & you kept a very safe environment for her to learn & play in. The Passion Play that you orchestrated with the children was, I know, a great deal of work for the teachers, however, it will be a very special remembrance for the children & for all of us who will remind our children from time to time, of what Jesus did for us.


My first impressions sold me on A Child's Touch. The staff alone is what sets ACT apart from other daycare centers and providers. I couldn't find any other center that has staff with the length of employment as do the employees at A Child's Touch. As well, ACT is a safe, secure environment with a solid, developmentally appropriate curriculum that is supported by their facilities. Within months of having my child at ACT, I have fallen in love and can proudly define for you why it is truly an exceptional daycare center. Again, the staff at ACT is what sets them apart from good daycare. The staff brings a wealth of experience, a deep knowledge of child development and history of serving children and the community. We have truly partnered through such milestones as baby food, bottle weaning, transitioning to a new room and other things as they come up. I am supported along the way as if by own sisters or mother. Not only is my child in great hands, so is my family.

Karen Z.